Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah)

Jumu’ah Khutbah starts at 1:15 pm EST and will change with daylight savings time. Update for Friday, March 17, 2017. Salāt al-Jumuʿah starts when the Khutbah/Sermon is completed. 


Daughters of Abraham Meeting Sunday Oct 22, 2-4 pm

Assalamu Alaikum! The October meeting of Daughters of Abraham (brothers are also welcome!) will be hosted by sister Betul at St. Mary’s College of MD this Sunday, October 22. Details below andRead More…


Masjid BBQ

Assalamu alaikum, The Islamic Center of Lexington Park will be hosting a BBQ (zabiha hotdogs and burgers) at the Masjid. The masjid will be providing the meat but will need members toRead More…


Khutbah Topics

What topics would you like to hear about in the weekly Khutbahs? Please chime in on our ICLP FB Page and help us better fit the sermons to the community needs andRead More…