Tentative Schedule:
1:00 – Setup of lodge – Volunteers needed!
1:30 – Dhuhr Salat
2:00 – Adult Trivia
2:30 – Potluck – Open Buffet
3:30 – Childrens quiz – Name the months of the Islamic calendar
3:45 – B-day cake
4:00 – Physics / Chemistry educational show
5:00 – Gifts for the children – free play outside
5:30 – Adult gift exchange
6:00 – Community Picture, Games outside
7:00 – Cleanup

The planned activities for this Eid Party are as follows (subject to change):

  • Soccer: barring rainfall, there will be soccer in the field next to the lodge
  • Basketball: same as above
  • Badminton: same as above
  • Tiger moon bounce: this is for the kids but as we know, adults enjoy it as well
  • Popcorn machine
  • Cotton candy machine: inshallah it will work this year


  • Dhuhr Salat: 1:30 pm
  • Asr Salat: 5:00 pm


  • Games:
    • Children: It’s September now but when is Rajab?  Get your kids ready by teaching them the Months of the Islamic Calendar.  If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be a general question about Islam that every kid should know, i.e. questions we are asked in the grave by the angels…
    • Adult: Something to do with Allah….
    • Adult: All about Islam Quiz time


  • Other Entertainment:
    • Physics / Chemistry / Educational tricks show


  • Gifts for the children: please bring a gift for your children.  We will set aside some time for you to hand the gifts out.
  • Gift exchange for the adults.  We will be doing the very funny, fun, and weird white elephant gift exchange this year again.  The maximum you should spend on the gift is $15.  A boxer brief is funny but lets put some thought into your gift please.  Try and buy unisex gifts.  Omar and I loved our scarves from last year……….. seriously!
    • Rules:
      • When you arrive at the lodge, place your gift in the pile next to the fireplace discretely.  Do not let anyone know what you brought.
      • For game time: every participant (those who brought gifts) gets to choose a number from a box.
      • You then get to choose a gift from the pile, #1 starts first.
      • You must then open the gift to show everyone.
      • Do not hide the gift and please stay put.
      • The next person can either ‘steal’ your gift or choose a gift from the pile.
      • If your gift is taken, you may choose another, or steal someone elses gift.
      • You cannot resteal your gift from the person who took if from you.
      • A particular gift can only be ‘stolen’ 2 times.  Once it is taken the 2nd time, it is now off the market.
      • Continue until all gifts are unwrapped, stolen/taken, tossed in the trash, thrown at someone, or set ablaze (j/k – no fires in the lodge please).
      • You may exchange gifts if you like after the game is complete (but not while the game is going on).

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