Financial Assistance Form

Assalamu alaikum, As we grow as a community it becomes more important that we pay better attention to the needy in our community. ICLP received many request for financial assistance over theRead More…



Assalamu alaikum, This message is for all community members. We need help from everyone to do a detailed cleaning of the main floor of the Masjid including the bathrooms on Thursday eveningRead More…


Renovation Update

Assalamu alaikum, Insha Allah the new Masjid carpet is being installed today. The contractor completed the paint and install of trim work. ICLP


ICLP Funds

Assalamu alaikum, Over the past month, we have aggressively tackled the Masjid construction by hiring contractors and committing to large required projects. The progress is very obvious but is also taxing onRead More…