The Islamic Center of Lexington Park was first established in July 2001 by 3 Muslims who moved to the area for work.  These founding 3 traveled 45 minutes to Prince Frederick, the location of the closest Masjid, to perform Jumua’h prayers.

In 2003, the community slowly grew to 5 members.  These 5 organized for a room in the Chapel in the Patuxent River Naval Air Station where most worked.  The 5 men performed the Jumua’h in the Chapel for the next two years.

In 2005, the community grew to about 15 members with the addition of newcomers with families.  The community started using a meeting room in the Lexington Park Library close to the base depending on availability.

In 2010, after the community grew to just over 40 members, ICLP started renting a 1200 sq ft building with a 500 sq ft Musalla as a temporary center.  This rental has served the community well over the past few years thanks only to Allah and His guidance.

In 2013, the community grew to over 70 members with the addition of 9 babies with more on the way, many new families, and about 8 reverts to Islam.  St. Mary’s County, where we are located, has now become a permanent home rather than a transient area for many who come here for work.  The community has quickly outgrown our rental and are on pace to over crowding it within a year or two.  The Muslim community here is ready to take the next step and establish a permanent endowed Masjid for the existing community and for future Muslims of this area..

  • We want to establish a Masjid here to serve as the focal point for the area Muslims where daily Salah, weekly Jumua’h, Taraweeh, & Eid prayers can be held.
  • We want to provide weekly Hifz and Quran classes for children and adults.
  • We want to provide a place for reverts to Islam to grow and learn what Islam really is.
  • We want to motivate and involve the community in religious and social activities  and services.
  • We want to be able to provide funeral, marriage, and family counseling services.
  • We want to provide Islamic education to the youth through training sessions, camp, and establishment of youth programs.
  • Mostly, we want to establish a House of Allah for His worship.

As of July 10, 2013, ICLP is now using our newly purchased and renovated Masjid at:

46118 Thompson Ct.
Lexington Park, MD  20653

The Masjid is open for 5 daily prayers and community members are welcome to visit the Masjid whenever they like.  If you do not know the key code to open the door, get it from Omar or Kareem after Jum’uah Salat.

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It is now 2014, and the community is busy completing renovations of the Masjid.  The inside is now opened to present a large musallah (prayer area) of around 1000 sq ft.  The sisters area is being used but will be updated with fresh paint and blinds.
The community now has a permanent worship center for prayers, community gatherings, interfaith dialogue, guest speakers, religious classes, etc. In the future, when the community grows large enough, we will expand the current building to accommodate the growth. The community will also strive to establish ongoing religious courses for the children and adults alike.